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Have you been injured on the job? Do you need help from an  Eastern NC workers comp attorney? Perry Morrison can help. He has handled over 3000 cases in over 30 years of practice.

There are few things as frightening as suffering an on-the-job injury. Not only are you forced to deal with whatever medical issues arise from the injury, you must also navigate the murky waters of workers compensation.

It seems simple enough: you are hurt on the job, you file for workers compensation, and you get paid.

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.

Workers’ compensation laws exist to protect you if you are injured or disabled on the job.
Under North Carolina state law, employees injured or disabled in the workplace are entitled to medical expense coverage and wage replacement. This includes occupational injuries that arise over time, such as lung damage or cancer, as well as repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel. Benefits are also available for dependents when a person is killed on-the-job.

But even with valid injuries or illnesses, claims are often denied. Instead of looking out for the injured worker, the goal is to protect the bottom line of the insurance company and do everything possible to pay the injured party as little as possible.

Too many North Carolina workers denied benefits fail to contact a lawyer, which is a mistake. Many denied claims are valid, but only an experienced workers comp attorney will be able to successfully prove your case.

The good news is if your claim is denied you have a right to a hearing. A workers compensation hearing can seem like an intimidating experience, but it helps to have an attorney by your side during the process. Don’t see it alone!

Working with a workers comp attorney keeps you from missing money and benefits you deserve from insurance companies.

Workers’ compensation might be your only legal remedy after an on-the-job injury. By law, you are entitled to compensation if you are hurt while working or as a result of your work. It does not matter if you suffer occupational injuries or occupational diseases, you are entitled to benefits.

Do not get left with financial and long-term injury problems. You only have a limited time to file for workers compensation after you are injured and you need to do so according to the requirements of the workers comp program. But you do not need to handle the complexity of your workers’ compensation case alone. Perry Morrison can help.

Perry has been representing injured clients since 1989, concentrating his practice in workers compensationpersonal injury, and social security disability. He understands how the system works and knows how it sometimes works against you. He can help you with your claim and ensure you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.

The sooner you speak to an experienced workers comp attorney like Perry the better. North Carolina law requires an injury be caused by an accident. But this does not mean you should fill out an accident report prior to speaking with an attorney or talking to a claims adjuster. It is best to have legal guidance before moving forward with your claim.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Perry, contact him at 252-243-1003.

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