Here is How a Social Security Attorney Can Help with Your Application for Benefits

September 7, 2021 1:04 pm

Here is How a Social Security Attorney Can Help with Your Application for Benefits

By: Perry Morrison

According to the Social Security Administration’s statistics, 72% of applicants are rejected upon their initial application for disability benefits. The reasons for this high number of rejections are various: the application is incomplete, there is not enough medical evidence, the claimant has not provided enough details about how his or her impairment affects daily life, or the person who made the initial determination was just wrong. A North Carolina Social Security attorney can help with your application for benefits in the following ways:

Review Application
An experienced North Carolina Social Security lawyer can thoroughly review your application for benefits.He or she can check for Social Security eligibility based on the information you have included in your application and carefully review the sections most relevant for making a determination on your case. He or she may offer suggestions, such as including extra information in certain areas or describing the physical limitations that accompany the types of physical activities that you perform each day. At our office, we do not actually accept representation until you have received your first denial letter.

Request and Submit Evidence
Once representation is accepted, your lawyer can also request medical records and other records that help support your case. Your lawyer may supplement your Social Security claims with additional medical information. The best Social Security attorneys are able to review your  medical documents and submit those that are most persuasive at establishing the medical impairments you are suffering from and how they impact your life. This helps make it easier for your claim to be approved because the decision-maker is not bombarded with extraneous information.

Explain When Additional Evidence Is Necessary
In some instances, your Social Security Disability attorney may state that there is a gap in your medical evidence and may recommend that you see a specialist or other medical provider to fill in this information. Social Security Disability. Our lawyers have often worked many claims in the past and know that for which the Social Security Administration is looking. This foresight may help your application to be approved much sooner. For example, if you can establish that your medical impairment is equal to one that is in the Medical Listings, you may be able to skip the Residual Functional Capacity considerations entirely!

Benefits of Hiring Social Security Lawyers
In addition to handing over the tasks above to your lawyer, there are several other benefits of hiring a North Carolina Social Security attorney. For example, once you list your attorney as your representative, the Social Security office will ask him or her for information. This can prevent you from saying anything that might harm your case. Additionally, your attorney will first be notified of any decisions on your case and can make sure that any necessary appeals are filed in time.

Medical professionals and former employers may be more willing to work with a
North Carolina Social Security attorney than if you asked them yourself. Your attorney is paid out of any back benefits you receive, so you do not have to worry about paying them now. Contact Morrison Law Firm, P.L.L.C. at (252) 243-1003 to learn more about how we can help and the benefits of working with us.

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