How Technology Is Changing the Workers’ Compensation Landscape in North Carolina

May 17, 2023 2:16 pm

How Technology Is Changing the Workers’ Compensation Landscape in North Carolina

How Technology Is Changing the Workers' Compensation Landscape in North Carolina


The compensation system is a set of laws and regulations enabling injured workers to get fair compensation for injuries or occupational illnesses they suffer at the workplace.

Traditionally, mandatory insurance coverage and the legal procedure for resolving compensation claims have involved a lot of paperwork and little or no modern technological solutions.

Following a workplace accident, workers would file compensation claims with insurance carriers. In case of denial, the claimant would prepare additional paperwork material and file a form 33 requesting a hearing with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. The process involved traditional medical appointments, on-site examinations, and other time-consuming and costly in-person activities.

However, modern-day technology transforms how we do many things. That includes the process of getting compensation for workplace injuries. This article will discuss the benefits of using technology in the compensation system, how technological innovations make receiving disability benefits easier, and the future outlooks of compensation in North Carolina.

Benefits of Modern Technology

Computer technology provides many benefits in different areas of life. In the compensation domain, it enables easy access to healthcare, lower costs, better outcomes, and convenient treatments.

  • Accessibility. Instead of scheduling medical appointments the old way, injured workers can now use online forms to get their appointment dates. In addition to scheduling visits, employees can undergo medical inspections from the comfort of their homes using video calls. The same applies to filing claims, complaints, and appeals procedures.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Modern technologies enable injured workers to communicate with their employers, insurance carriers, and regulatory bodies using emails and electronic filing systems. That saves a lot of time and money.
  • Convenience. Unlike decades ago, workers who suffer injuries due to a workplace accident can choose the time and place of their initial evaluation and medical examination. They may not have to travel long distances to see a doctor.
  • Positive outcomes. Due to the easiness and accessibility of healthcare, and the absence of excessive traveling, injured workers end up with positive treatment outcomes.
Transforming Compensation in North Carolina: The Role of Technology

Transforming Compensation in North Carolina: The Role of Technology

Modern technology plays a vital role in the compensation system in North Carolina. The key aspects of innovative approaches in processing compensation cases include claims automation, telemedicine, and wearable technologies.

  1. Automation of compensation claims

The compensation system of the past involved endless paperwork. Injured workers were required to gather piles of medical documentation and other evidence to support their claim and to send it to the insurance carrier personally or via the post office. Today, North Carolina claimants use an electronic filing system, submitting claims and other documentation using online platforms. With the minimal possibility of errors, the system allows quick and efficient lookups, time-efficient processing, and deliberation.

  1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine (telehealth) is another way of changing the compensation landscape in North Carolina. Instead of diagnosing and treating patients in person, doctors can now perform the entire process remotely – using video conference calls and other modern means of communication. Telemedicine has proven to be an innovative way of reducing costs and improving overall outcomes in compensation cases. Doctors can successfully diagnose patients, determine therapy, and stay up to date with their recovery through regular tele-rehab sessions.

  1. Wearable technology

Smartwatches and other wearables can do much more than fitness tracking. They can improve employee safety at the workplace. Many employers in North Carolina have introduced wearable technologies (smartwatches, fitness bands, rings, etc.) to track the health parameters of their employees (heart rate, body temperature, and other vital indicators). Using such technology enables employers to detect sudden changes and react should a workplace accident occur.

A Look into the Future

In addition to transforming compensation systems through conventional computer technology, we are just a step away from implementing even more advanced technological solutions that can improve workplace safety. Some examples include the use of drones to investigate workplace accidents, the implementation of artificial intelligence for health screening and claims processing, the implementation of biometric technology for preventing injuries at work, the use of virtual reality for on-the-job workplace safety training, chatbot assistance for 24/7 support, blockchain technology for securely storing medical information, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The traditional compensation system involves a lot of paperwork and in-person appointments.
  • Old-school methods of processing compensation claims are costly and time-consuming.
  • Modern computer technologies enable accessibility, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and improved outcomes.
  • North Carolina has adopted modern methods of processing compensation claims, such as automation of claims, telemedicine, and the use of wearable technologies.
  • The future partnership between technology and workplace accident compensation is promising – it includes the implementation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biometrics, and blockchain technology.
Stay Ahead of Time with a Top-Notch Compensation Attorney

Stay Ahead of Time with a Top-Notch Compensation Attorney

Perry Morrison is an experienced worker’s compensation attorney with over 30 years of experience.

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